Bring the magic of the outdoors inside! Apple
Annie is a Wooden Goddess that will enliven
any corner of your home. She is 11 inches
long, 1/2 inch thick and 3 1/2 inches wide at
her elbows! A Gold cord at the top enables
you to hang her where ever you like. A little
wooden apple, complete with a honeybee,
hangs at her side for fun! On the back of the
apple appears my website address.

I created the original Apple Annie painting in
Acrylics on an Arches Watercolor Board. This
figurine uses only Annie's Goddess shape
which I cut out from a color print copy and
a-fixed to the front and back of the green
painted wood form. She is coated and
protected so you may clean her, if need be.
To see the original painting check the order
prints page! I decoupaged Annie's image on
the front and back of the wood, so if she
turns you'll still see her! The accompanying
apple is double sided too!

Apple Annie has a butterfly on her hips,
Clover below, A Daisy on her toes, A Magic
Spiral in her tummy, A thistle on her midriff
and Flowers and Apple leaves above...She is
a breath of Spring, Summer and Autumn all
in one! I hope you enjoy her! More Goddess
shapes are coming....

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